Kelly Stephen Consulting is a consulting firm focused on helping software companies increase revenue by delivering more value to their customers.  We help develop cohesive business and product strategies, and build product roadmaps that can achieve that strategy.  We then help the organization deliver to these product roadmaps by a combination of the following areas, as required:

  • Bringing in strategic partners to augment the software development, quality assurance, and project management organizations
  • Recommending organizational and personnel changes and helping to recruit new staff
  • Revising existing or developing new product launch/release processes and the required product collateral
  • Building a communication plan and helping the organization improve their product roadmaps and delivery plans to internal and external customers
  • Reviewing the software development lifecycle and making recommendations for improvement and helping to install an agile development process
  • Implementing a robust project management process

If your software company or software development organization is struggling to deliver quality software that meets customer needs and expectations on time, we can help. Basically, Kelly Stephen Consulting is all about:

Software Strategy, Execution, Quality, Delivery

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If your software company or software development organization needs some help, please give us a call or send us an email. We will get back to you right away to see how we can help.