Since 2011 Kelly Stephen Consulting has worked with a number of different companies ranging in size (from pre-funded start-up to multi-billion dollars in revenue) and covering a variety of industries (including financial services, healthcare, food and beverage manufacturing, and others). All of these engagements have been successful. Some examples include:


Working with a $5 billion firm in the financial services/real estate industry, we were heavily involved in the acquisition of a $150 million financial fraud/analytics company. We participated in the due diligence phase, led a technical evaluation of the acquisition’s key software platform, and made a recommendation to proceed with the acquisition based on that information. Post-acquisition, we worked at the direction of the CEO and Executive Committee to manage the successful integration/ assimilation of the company over the next six months.

Strategic Partnerships:

Working for a consulting/software company in the healthcare industry, we recommended bringing in a new software development partner based on a review of their current partner, then worked with both partners to seamlessly migrate from one to the other. Established a formal go-forward management/governance process for the new development team. Set up delivery and quality metrics to create a successful partnership that continues today.

Working for a start-up software provider for the food and beverage manufacturing industry, successfully engaged an additional off-shore software development and QA team to take on the bulk of the software development efforts, resulting in higher quality and more efficient product delivery.

Interim Leadership:

Provided interim leadership for the product strategy and product development organization for a consulting/software company in the healthcare industry. Reporting to the COO, we led all phases of product development and delivery, refined the product strategy and roadmaps, and brought on a new strategic software partner. Worked extensively with the marketing team to re-vamp Go-To-Market materials to focus on customer value and experience. Formalized their product launch process and successfully launched new product.

Platform Migration:

Provided the role of Program Manager for a $22 million project to migrate a mission critical application from a mainframe to a mid-tier platform. Helped turn around a stalled project and led a large cross-functional/multi-location team to an eventual successful migration. This migration saved the company millions of dollars annually and gave them a more modern technical footprint for future product development.